5 Tips for Teaching Your Kids to Meditate

Children are natural meditators. They are intensely connected to the world around them. The present moment is the only thing they care about.

It’s so much easier to teach kids to meditate than adults because they are open to new experiences and trying new things. Teaching them can take some patience though. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. Show them; don’t tell them. If you want your children to meditate, meditate with them. Show them how enjoyable it can be and teach them about the benefits. Kids have a short attention span so a good rule of thumb is to meditate with them one minute for every year of their age. So a 6-year- old will meditate for only six minutes. Let them sit with you for a few minutes and show them how to relax into it.

2. Practice a simple method that they enjoy. Meditation should be an enjoyable part of your day and theirs. For younger kids, try teaching them to cup their hands in front of their chest and exhale into their hands as if they are filling them up with water. It gives them something to focus on while they are exhaling, allowing them to relax into the meditation. Older children may enjoy closing their eyes and thinking a simple mantra like “om” to focus their thoughts. They may also enjoy saying it out loud and feeling the vibration in their chest. You may also like to try and app like Calm that plays soothing background sounds and allows you to meditate with a timer so your kids know exactly how much longer they have left.

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